Turn Meetings into
Profitable Conversations

A meeting solution with template agendas, training and software
to help you transform your profits one meeting at a time




Stop wasting time, losing money and missing opportunities

The accounting profession is changing fast and with more firms shifting to provide advisory it is important that you don’t get left behind, miss opportunities or leave money on the table. 

The answer is to start having more profitable conversations. But there’s a problem…

  • You don’t have agreed agenda’s
  • You don’t know how to increase profits through meetings 
  • Clients aren’t prepared
  • Meetings start late and overrun
  • Discussions veer off topic
  • You don’t know how effective your meetings are
  • Your team lacks clarity and training
  • No decisions are made
  • Lack of follow-up on agreed actions
  • You aren’t having regular client meetings

Stop having unproductive meetings and start having profitable conversations

Agendali helps you to have more profitable conversations with your clients through a combination of training, templated agendas and meeting management software specifically designed to help you transform your practice’s profits one meeting at a time

Meeting Management Software

Meeting Management Software

Templated Agendas

Templated Agendas

Training and Resources

The accounting profession is changing...

We understand the accounting profession is changing, fast. New technologies are changing the way accountants work and compete.

Some of the biggest problems facing accounting firms right now are wasted time, missed opportunities and stagnant profits.

That’s why we developed Agendali to help accountants have more profitable, valuable client conversations so they can reduce wasted time, never miss an opportunity and increase profits. 

Stop having meetings, start having profitable conversations

Agendali has everything you need to have more profitable meetings all in one place

Save time on meetings

Save Time

Boost productivity

Improve Collaboration

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Build Culture

Build Culture


More Professional


Secure Platform


Email Agendas


Less Paper

3 Steps to profitable client conversations

Step 1 - Sign Up

Select the people you want to attend the meeting 

Step 2 - Add Users

Select one of the template agendas or create your own 

Step 3 - Start Having profitable Conversations

Follow the agenda and have a productive meeting

"A massive upgrade to the way we run meetings..."

Stop having meetings, start having profitable conversations