Build the Accounting firm You've Always Wanted One Meeting at a Time

Stop letting unproductive meetings hold your firm back. Run better meetings with Agendali meeting performance software.

The First 50 Firms Get our £500 Branding Package For Free

More Sales
Higher Productivity
Increased Profit
Save Time

Unproductive meetings are costing you a fortune

And all that leads to lower profits, longer hours, and feeling overwhelmed. We don’t want that for you. Let Agendali put an end to poor meeting practices.

The First 50 Firms Get our £500 Branding Package For Free

Agendali’s has all the features you need to run better meetings

At Agendali we understand building a better firm can be challenging, here's how Agendali can help...

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Structured meetings, branded meeting notes, and client access to agendas, notes and actions

Increase Revenue

Template agendas make cross-sales and referral requests more consistent

Improve Productivity

Enhance productivity by boosting accountability and engagement with action management

Empower Your Team

Give your team confidence to run client meetings using template agendas

Systemise Advisory

Ensure the advisory processes and client experience is consistent with a system for conversations

Be the Ultimate Professional

Exude control and high organisation to create a lasting impression with Agendali

Better Meetings Plan

1. Book a demo

A platform demo and consultation tailored to your practice’s needs

2. Use Agendali

Start having better meetings with your  clients and your team

3. Stay ahead

Build a future-proofed practice, increase profits, and retain top talent 

The First 50 Firms Get our £500 Branding Package For Free

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A small price for better meetings

Agendali Pricing Calculator
How many team members host meetings?
£ 25
Per Month
(excluding VAT)
  • Up to 10 team members can attend meetings
  • Up to 100 clients can attend meetings
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited template agendas
  • Access to global agendas
  • Fully branded meeting notes
  • Access to meeting metrics

Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee works like this; use Agendali for 90 days and you will see the benefits of better meetings. And, we’re so sure of it, that at the end of 90 days if you don’t agree we’ll simply return your money. 
To be eligible for the guarantee you must:
  • Commit to using Agendali with all your internal meetings for a period of three months
  • Ask for support if you don’t see a change start within 30 days
  • At the end of 90-days tell us the main reason you weren’t happy, so we have a chance to make it better.


Performance Management Playbook

Address the challenges of change, end the overwhelm, and gain an unfair advantage

The First 50 Firms Get our £500 Branding Package For Free