Helping Accountants, Bookkeepers and CPAs Have Profitable Conversations

Meeting software with template agendas and soft skills training built-in




Don't let traditional meetings hold you back

Meetings without clear agendas, accountability and metrics are going to cost you…

  • Work too many hours
  • Be frustrated with scope creep
  • See advice away for free
  • Your team lack confidence
  • Worry about what’s said in clients meetings
  • Feel team meetings are a waste of time
  • Your business will stagnate
  • Won’t achieve your goals

It doesn’t need to be like this. Sign up to Agendali and transform your meetings, your business and your life.

Stop having traditional meetings. Start having profitable conversations.

How Agendali transforms traditional meetings into Profitable Conversations

Meeting Software

Agendali is a digital tool which helps you systemise a key business activity. The software is built for accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs and allows client access. 

Templated Agendas

Template Agendas

Build your own meeting template agendas or use ones we have included in the global agendas library. Include notes to help meeting hosts and participants get the most from conversations.

Meeting Skills Training

Learn best meeting practices; what to do before, during and after a meeting as well as the verbal and non-verbal skills to make every conversation profitable.

Use with your Preferred Video Conferencing Tools

Agendali works alongside your favourite video conferencing tools making it easier to have more profitable conversations even when working remotely.

Use Alongside Your Favourite Apps

The accounting profession is changing...

We understand the accounting profession is changing, fast. New technologies are changing the way accountants work and compete.

One of the biggest problems facing accounting, bookkeeping and CPAs is becoming more advisory focussed.

That’s why we developed Agendali to help accountants have more profitable conversations with their team and clients.

Stop having traditional meetings. Start having profitable conversations.

Agendali has everything you need in one place

Save time on meetings

Save Time

Boost productivity

Improve Collaboration

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Build Culture

Build Culture


More Professional


Secure Platform


Email Agendas


Less Paper



The simple way accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers can grow their business faster, make more profit, and enjoy more freedom

The Profitable Conversations Plan

Step 1
Sign Up

Register for Agendali and add your users

Step 2
Choose an Agenda

Select a template agenda, or create your own 

Step 3
Profitable Conversations

Follow the agenda and have a profitable conversation

"A massive upgrade to the way we run meetings..."

Stop having traditional meetings. Start having profitable conversations.