Profitable Conversations

Master Client Meetings and Achieve Your Goals

I learned a lot...

‘I’d urge you to take action and improve your meetings because as I have grown my practice I have come to appreciate how important meetings are’.

Paul Barnes – Founder of MAP


Who Is this for?

This accelerator is is designed for client facing professionals in accounting, CPA and bookkeeping businesses.

Why attend?

Your performance as a meeting host is key driver in your personal success. The client meetings is the most important part of the client experience and finance professional don’t receive any formal training or mentoring. You will learn how to:

  • Use language elegantly
  • Get clients to be more open minded
  • Feel more confident, happy and in control
  • Really understand what your client means
  • Know exactly what to say all the time
  • Have the power to persuade, influence, and win better clients
  • Make clients feel good when they meet you
  • Set clients up for success after they leave a meeting
  • Get clients saying ‘yes’ more often
  • Sell services at higher prices
  • Enjoy more referrals 

What is covered?

The Accelerator will cover:

  • Building deep levels of rapport, quickly
  • Advanced questioning strategies
  • Dealing with objections, blocks and barriers
  • No verbal communication 
  • Helping clients see the full value of what you do

The Six Elements for Profitable Conversations

Boost Productivity

Advanced Questioning

Boost productivity

Active Listening


Handling Objections

Save time on meetings

Body Language


Using your Voice


Feeling confident

Who is your guide?

The Accelerator is hosted by Bob Harper:

  • Trained with PWC
  • Consulted and mentored over 300 accountants
  • Google Accelerator Sales Mentor
  • Licenced NLP Practitioner 
  • Founder of Life Centred Accountants

How long is the accelerator?

6 weeks*

*Each week will be 60-90 minutes depending on Q&As

What is the investment?


*The investment is linked to the number of participants from each firm; £995 covers up to two people with each additional person being an extra £495 each.

What is the bonus worth?


*Yes, the bonus doubles your investment. We guarantee you win a new client worth at least £1,995 after you complete the Accelerator. We will generate leads, all you need to do is host a free meeting and use your new skills.

Are there any guarantees?


*If you feel the accelerator is not meeting your expectations you can stop after three weeks and we will refund you. And, if you don’t sign a new client up from our leads we will refund you in full.

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