What is Meeting Performance Software?

A new category of software to help accounting businesses achieve more

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Accountants often juggle multiple communication tools to stay connected with colleagues and clients—email, messaging services like Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, and VoIP for calls. But what about meetings? How do you ensure these interactions are as productive as possible? This is where Meeting Performance Software comes into play.

Unlike traditional meeting management software, Meeting Performance Software is designed to enhance the quality of your meetings. It supports all functions of your practice, ensuring that whether meetings are face-to-face, virtual, or a mix of both, they are efficient and effective. Agendali, aims to be as well know for meetings as Xero is for cloud accounting, offers over 60 features to help accountants have better meetings.


Key Features of Meeting Performance Software

Meeting Performance Software like Agendali includes features that support best practices before, during, and after meetings. Here are some of the essential tools it offers:

  • Fully branded: The meeting interface and meeting notes are branded to help enhance the perceived value and professionalism 
  • Best Practice Agenda Templates: Helps you create highly structured and focused agendas.
  • Online Access to Agendas: Ensures all participants can access the agenda anytime, anywhere.
  • Meeting Timer: Keeps meetings on track by managing time effectively.
  • Note-taking and Downloadable Notes: Facilitates real-time documentation and easy access post-meeting.
  • Meeting Scoring and Performance Metrics: Evaluate meeting efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Action Management: Tracks tasks and follow-ups seamlessly.


The Benefits of Meeting Performance Software

Implementing Meeting Performance Software can revolutionise how your firm conducts meetings. Here’s how:

  • Emphasise the Importance of Meetings: Investing in specialized software signals to your team and clients that meetings are valuable, encouraging a more focused approach. Agendali even scores meeting hosts and awards badges, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Saves Valuable Time: With structured meetings, your firm can eliminate unnecessary gatherings, reduce the need for repeated discussions, and streamline meeting durations. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for senior staff who often have the most meetings.
  • Increases Accountability: Meeting scores and action status visibility ensure that hosts and participants, including clients, are held accountable.
  • Improves Collaboration: Collaborative agenda setting allows everyone to contribute, leading to more productive and engaging discussions.
  • Enhances Your Firm’s Brand: Professional meeting tools project a high standard to employees, prospects, and clients, supporting a premium brand image and pricing.
  • Eliminates Wasted Time and Resources: Centralized note-taking and reduced reliance on paper contribute to time savings and support ESG initiatives.
  • Drives Your Team Forward: Consistent meeting management helps train and mentor junior team members, preparing them for more client-facing roles.


How Does Meeting Performance Software Work?

Before the Meeting

Meeting Performance Software lays the groundwork for success by enabling you to send out agendas in advance. This preparation ensures that everyone arrives ready to engage, with a clear understanding of the meeting’s purpose and desired outcomes. Pre-meeting work can be integrated into the agenda, setting the stage for productive discussions.

During the Meeting

During the meeting, the software keeps track of attendance and adherence to the agenda. It facilitates note-taking, records decisions and actions, and uses a timer to ensure all topics are covered efficiently. This real-time documentation helps create a complete and agreed-upon record of the meeting.

After the Meeting

Post-meeting, the software enables you to create follow-up agendas, incorporating notes and actions from previous meetings. It ensures that all participants, including those who couldn’t attend, receive comprehensive meeting notes. Action items are tracked and visible to all, promoting transparency and accountability.


Time for Better Meetings

Now is the perfect time to elevate your firm’s meeting performance with Agendali’s Meeting Performance Software. From productive team meetings and meaningful one-on-ones to valuable client interactions, Agendali helps you build collaborative agendas, record notes, decisions, and actions efficiently, and ultimately drive your firm towards its strategic goals.

Invest in Agendali today to enhance your firm’s meetings and unlock your team’s full potential. Your clients and colleagues will thank you.

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