Business Potential Calculator

Why book this meeting?

The Business Potential Review helps you and your client or prospect explore the potential advisory value and agree on a service plan.

What pre-work is required?

The following information is required

  • Last two years’ accounts
  • Review of the current year’s financials
  • Number of hours worked by the owner
  • Dependency on the business owner/s
  • Business valuation multiplier
  • Number of years left in business

What is covered?

The review is split into the following sections:

  • Summary of the current situation
  • Six Financial Drivers 
  • Business Potential 
  • Service Options


What are the benefits?

Boost Productivity

More Sales

Boost productivity

Stronger Relationships


Faster Growth

Save time on meetings

Higher Recovery Rates


Stronger Business


More Meaningful Work

Who is your guide?

The review is hosted by Bob Harper:

  • Trained with PWC
  • Sole Practitioners to marketing director  in a £1m practice 
  • Worked with over 300 firms from start ups to Top 100
  • Google Accelerator Sales Mentor 


How long is the review ?


Suggested Pricing


*The investment is linked to the number of owners; £250 covers up to two owners with each additional owners being an extra £150

Suggested guarantee

Make the client value the session by putting a price on it but eliminate risk with a money back guarantee if they don’t think the session was worthwhile.