About Us

We love doing more

Most accountants waste a huge amount of time and miss opportunities because they attend unproductive meetings. 

These meetings include internal meetings and client meetings. Internal meetings range from partner strategy days to 1-2-1 employee reviews. Client meetings cover the lifetime of the client and the first meeting to an exit interview and include compliance and advisory work.

The founders

The co-founders are Bob Harper and Tim Pointon who together have developed software and worked with 300+ accounting firms. 

Bob and Tim have worked with a wide range of accounting firms from start ups to high street firms, up to regional and top 100 practices. All the work has had a common theme; developing and helping firms introduce new technology and drive change and performance improvement.

Our solution

Agendali meeting management software gives your hours back in your day and ensures all your meetings are highly productive. 

The solution has a combination of software, content and reporting. The software supports good meeting methodology. The template agendas give you a framework to use or quickly adapt. And, the reporting enable you to see the metrics of meetings in terms of activity and effectivcess including scores by meeting manager.

Our values

We believe that the best relationships (business and personal) are when values match.

Our four core values come from the way Bob and Tim work together and drive our thinking, decisions and behaviours. They are fairness, challenge, fun and love. We and you (customer, employee, supplier or investor) must be fair to each other, open to be challenged, have some fun and love what we do.