About Us

Our goal

Our goal is to help improve the lives of business owners and Agendali has a role to play by improving the quality of meetings.

Better meeting means a better business which delivers more value to the owner as well as its employees, customers and suppliers. A better business also plays a role in building a better society for everyone’s benefit through tax contributions and social causes.

Down to earth

Good business values are common sense but not always common practice.

It’s also crucially important our employees and partners share our business values, so our customers and users enjoy their experience. Our core values are based on how we like to be treated – we call them “down to earth” which means being open, honest and fair.

An ambitious company

There are 125 million businesses in the world and we want to help them all have better meetings. 

Our social side

We are committed to developing an “underdog programme” for business owners who need a helping hand.